Lesson Plans

My children’s play dictates the direction of our schooling. I let their interests determine the thing we will study. We learn through play, creating, and music. Each day, I participate in “unstructured play” with the kids – they get to play however they want to, and I just comment and play with them, and engage them in conversation about their play.


2 Responses to Lesson Plans

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  2. Anna says:

    We’re doing Meine Familie also. We’re going to make a photo album with text of all the people in our family. It should be awesomely complicated – since Joshua has 6 step-aunts and uncles, including some he has never seen, cousins he has never seen, and a gazillion “grandma’s” But we’re off to California for a mini family reunion (a great time for him to visit great aunts and a great grandpa he doesn’t remember) so I figured we better do some brushing up.

    I’m excited to see your felt book!

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