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R is for Rainbow

                Since it is no longer February, we decided that the hearts needed to come down off the window, and a new theme needed to replace it. So we decided on rainbows! We … Continue reading

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Cooking Day

A while ago I read this article that was featured in Simple Mom’s weekend links. I was really inspired by the article. When Little E was a baby, I used to let him do everything with me. Laundry, dishes, cooking, … Continue reading

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Thankful Turkeys

A few days before Thanksgiving, the kids and I made “Thankful Turkeys” – I traced their hands, and then they drew pictures of what they are thankful for on the feathers. I let them glue the feathers however they wanted … Continue reading

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Graças ao Pai Celestial

For our singing time this month, we are working on the first Article of Faith (in Portuguese), and for this week, we’re learning this song – Graças ao Pai Celestial (Thanks to Our Father). It talks about all the things … Continue reading

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Dainty Little Snowflakes

The snow isn’t fully upon us – yet – but in honor of the imminent snowy weather, we made snowflakes to hang on the front window. (Don’t let the sunshine and Little Einstein’s shorts fool you – I believe it … Continue reading

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Guest Post

Not by who you would think. This guest post is by Little Einstein. As part of our play-based preschool, we are encouraging Little Einstein to dictate to us so we can type. He doesn’t know how to write or read, … Continue reading

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In Defense of Five Year Olds

My mother and I have been going through a bunch of her old papers – trying to scan what’s useful into the computers, and recycling what’s not. Mom was an elementary school teacher, and is well-read in early childhood education, … Continue reading

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