Meet the Einsteins

Okay, so we’re not really the Einsteins. But meet us anyway!

Mr Einstein is a brilliant linguist who speaks several languages, and speaks 100% Portuguese to our children in the home.

Mrs Einstein (the author of this blog) is a math genius (or not) who loves to raise kids. And who attempts to speak Portuguese to the children as well, but her grammar is probably worse than a three-year-old’s.

Little Einstein is our three-year-old toddler-genius who speaks two languages – but says “I quero”; can count to ten (in English and Portuguese) – but skips 6 (in both languages), and calls nine “knife”; mixes up pink, orange, and red – and sometimes blue; and loves to sing. Basically, he’s just like any other three-year-old, and we love him for it!

Baby Einstein is our one-and-a-half baby girl who doesn’t speak at all, but sure thinks she does. We think she’s learning how to say “grandma” – but it’s hard to tell when she also says “da-da” and we call Mr Einstein “Papai” at home, so the “da” sound is unrelated to saying “Papai.” She loves to experiment with all sorts of sounds, so we figure she’ll start putting two and two together and speak Portuguese (or English) one of these days.


One Response to Meet the Einsteins

  1. Erin says:

    So I am assuming this is the public blog? I love that Baby isn’t speaking yet.. makes me feel like I am not missing as much (yes, totally selfish) You know with all the languages she hears.. she is probably still making sound files. One day she’ll tell you a story as long as your trip to the west coast… sounds like you are being patient, just like you should be! We sure miss all the Einsteins! And my 15 yr old, who totally used your math skills, was retested in math, passed ALG 1 and went straight to Geometry. I don’t think I ever told you that because it was during your travels. 🙂 Yay for being smart! And on the lines of Littles language jumbling, our Little H does the same thing, “Mommy! Sarang hey (Korean sounded out).” Love you too, comes from me because I never remember to repeat in Korean. Or I’ll tell him it in French or Spanish. And he gets flustered and says “no, start again” then wanders off for me to practice…. Love to the four of you! Can’t wait to meet the new additions, no longer pups, I assume.

    PS We haven’t done Borax snowflakes in forever! What fun!!

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