Calendars and Weather


Thanks to a friend who writes about her preschool activities on her blog, I made this calendar for us. We’re going to put birthdays and holidays on it eventually, but right now we have a little heart (it will be a shamrock for March, an Easter egg for April, a flower for May, etc) that moves along the days, we have a little church (igreja) on Sunday (because Little E knows that we go to Church on Sunday), and I made a bunch of “weather words” – faz sol (sunny), está ventendo (windy), nublado (cloudy), nevoso (snowy), chevoso (rainy), tempestuoso (stormy). Each morning we move the “Dia” heart (dia = day, and I meant to write “hoje” = today) to the next day, and then we stick on the “weather word(s)” for the day. As you can see, the day I took this picture it was windy. Today we put on “faz sol” and “nublado”- because it’s partly cloudy and I didn’t make a sticker for that. Maybe I’ll have to add that. Eventually I’ll also add the temperature (but we’ll probably start a new chart just for weather).

I’ll try to post a picture of our calendar each month. Eventually I’ll start putting up our monthly themes on the calendar… once I figure out what they are!



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Becca is just a woman, mother, daughter of God, trying to figure things out. She blogs at My Soul Delighteth and Real Intent.
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