Heart Attack

Thankfully not that kind.


This month we replaced the snowflakes on our window with hearts! I know it still looks kind of dreary (that day was pretty cloudy) but really it been pretty sunny. Cold, still, but sunny. And besides, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we needed an appropriately themed activity.DSCN4439

DSCN4437Little E is mastering his cutting skills and cut a few of those hearts by himself (with a little help in the form of a line to cut along). Both the babies loved coloring the hearts. Even Baby E got some safety scissors and some paper to cut up. I think they enjoyed the cutting part the most. What kid doesn’t like scissors?


DSCN4441Proud Little E with his hearts. (the second heart from the bottom on the far right he colored with a black crayon and said “This is Darth Vadar’s heart.” Nice.


About Becca

Becca is just a woman, mother, daughter of God, trying to figure things out. She blogs at My Soul Delighteth and Real Intent.
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